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Photo Citizen vs. Riot Police with Caption: "Freedom Don't Come Cheap"

updated December 2017
many of the links here defy simple categorization -
please scan the entire list to find useful links


Validated Alternative News (Vetted Safe Souces to Cite)

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bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Truthout - Independent Critical News & Opinion - Original and Aggregated Reporting. Union shop. Comprehensive Daily.Subscribe Buttton
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Truthdig
- Independent Critical News & Opinion - Original and Aggregated Reporting. Comprehensive Daily.Subscribe Buttton
BEWARE Do not Confuse above news/opinion sites with authentic "fake news" site TruthFeed.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Propublica - The US's Premier Investigative Newsroom. Supplies Select News Oranizations with Copy.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)AlterNet News Site
- Independent Critical News & Opinion.   Comprehensive Daily . Subscribe Buttton
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)CounterVortext
- Journalist Bill Weinberg's Reports on the "War on Terrorism," the "War on Drugs," and the war on you. Original and Aggregated.Subscribe Buttton
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)The Nation - Excellent News Source for Over 150 years. Weekly Magazine with Hard Hitting Investigations. Subscribe Buttton
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Project Censored - Validated Independent News as it's posted by Project Censored Affiliated College/University Classes.Subscribe Buttton
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)The Progressive - Monthly Alternative News Magazine. Send for Free Sample On-Line.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)The Real News - Online Independent Global TV News and Documentary Network.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Reader Supported News - News Aggregator. Heavy Fundraising for Itself Subscribe Buttton
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Multinational Monitor - Monthly Watchdog of Trans-National Corporate Culture. True Evil exposed!
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Global Research - From the Montreal-based Centre for Research on Globalization.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Utne Reader - Magazine for Middle Class Consumers Suffering from Political Consciousness. Ads for "Eco" toilet paper.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Earth First! Journal - Newspaper of the Earth First! Movement. Deep Ecology. Lovable EcoFascist Rednecks.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Mother Jones Magazine - Glossy BiMonthly Magazine With In-Depth Good Investigative Features.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)EXTRA! - Monthly Magazine of Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting. Media Bias Exposed. 
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)ADBUSTERS - Monthly Magazine of Anti-Consumerism -- For Profit Anti-Union Hierarchical Cult of Charisma.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Counterpunch - Investigative Journalism and Commentary edited by Alexander Cockburn.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Indypendent. -- NYC-based Award Winning Free Weekly Edited by Legendary John Tarleton.
Greg Palast On Line - US's foremost expert on Election Fraud. Former BBC Invetigator. Clark Kent Hat.Subscribe Buttton
Public Citizen - Muckraking in DC a la Nader.
Inst. For Public Accuracy - Alternative (to corporate) Analysis of Current News Stories.Subscribe Buttton
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)In These Times - Weekly International News With a Left Perspective.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)The Progressive Populist - Hightower, Nadar, Molly Ivins, Norm Solomon etc. contribute to this Iowa based paper. Retro Website.
The Humanist - Humanism, Civil Liberties Reporting
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Aborigional Peoples Telecom Network - Toronto Based Native Media Initiative.
The American Prospect - Investigative Reporting and News Analysis.  Good Stuff.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Amnesty International News - Bad News from Around the World
ColdType - Covering the World from Canada - Monthly Available as Download
Clamor Magazine - Keeping the dreams of the Seattle Generation alive. Anarcist.
Common Dreams - Daily updates and viewpoints.  Short reads often lack depth.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Paper Tiger TV - Public Access Television Programming.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Free Speech TV - Alternative Television.
BradBlog - "Stuff that Matters" to Brad.
Africa Files - Toronto-based activists reporting on Human Rights issues.
Who What Why - "Forensic Journalism" Not-for-profit foounded by Russ Baker.
Yes! Magazine - Upbeat news of Resistance

Validated (Vetted Safe Souces to Cite) Streamed ALT Radio

Democracy Now! - Journalist Amy Goodman's Award Winning Daily Radio/TV Program - text and streamed.
TUC Radio - Excellent Radio Programming Available Streamed and on select NPR stations.
Alternative Radio -Zinn, Chomsky, Said, Korten, Churchill, Hitchens etc.Not Streamed, but Avail via streamed stations.
New Dimensions Broadcasting Network - Interviews and Reports on current social issues (avail via NPR).
Meria - Radio show focusing on issues censored by corporate media. .
WFMU-FM - Listener supported independent alternative radio from East Orange, NJ of all places.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Radio For Peace International - Shortwave Station Based in "Armyless" Costa Rica.
Free Speech TV & Radio -- Live on Dish or Streamed Here
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Pacifica Radio - This is What NPR Should Be but sure as hell ain't.
Making Contact - A Weekly Program from the National Radio Project. 
The Hidden Brain - Mixing Science and Storytelling. Excellent audio narrative from NPR..
RadioLab - Fun! Storytelling at its best. "boundaries blur between science, philosophy, and human experience" From WNYC.

Multi-National Corporation Watch

bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Corporate Watch - Research Trans-National Corporate Activity - also see Multinational Monitor (above)
Responsible Shopper - A Co-op America Searchable Guide to Corp Criminals & Responsible Businesses. 
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Paywatch - In 1999 the average CEO made 475x average worker's salary, up from 42x in 1980!  Stats Here.
Clear Channel Sucks -- Research Info on the Parasite Gobbling up the Public Airwaves.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Swoosh! - Nike workers in Indonesia earn 16 cents an hour.  UNITE reports about their working conditions.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Nike Watch - Reports on Factory Conditions and Resistence. Also serach Nike News - Websearch on Worker Abuses  Just Do It!
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)
Wal Mart Facts - Studies, Numbers, Policies. Facts Galore from Wake Up Wal Mart.
Wal Mart Watch - Why They're Evil.  Boycott Walmart - As If You Really Needed to Know Why.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes) Exxon Secrets - Searchable Database on Exxon/Mobil Funding of Ersatz Anti-Climate Change Studies.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes) Expose Exxon - Exxon/Mobile: Possibly The World's Most Evil Corporation.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Boycott Information - Info About Current Consumer Boycotts and Related Links. Vote With Your $.
Kodak's Toxic Colors - Learn about Kodak (NY's #1 Toxic Polluter) Corporate Indifference to Cancer Clusters etc.
Council on Economic Priorities - Analysis of Social and Environmental Performance of Corporations.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)The McSpotlight Website - News from the McLibel Trial and McFun Filled Fast Food Facts.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes) Killer Coke - Coca Cola Kills Onion Organizers in Columbia
Sweatshop Info - Know Which Products and Companies to Avoid.
Boycott Action News - Latest Info on Major Boycotts from Co-op America.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Consumer Project on Technology - Excellent info on the Microsoft monopoly
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)"Whirledbank" - Infosite dedicated to study of the World Bank
Public Info Network - Database on environmental & social impact of corporations. 
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Economic Reporting Review - FAIR's criticism of WPost and NYTimes Economic Reporting.
AFL-CIO Corporate Research Page - Resources
Top 30 Republican Donors - International Consumers are Boycotting Bush's Backers 
National Mobilization Against Sweatshops - Research, Info.  Names names.
Multinational Resource Center -  Database for journalists and students tracking corporations. 
Corp Political Contributions - Track Political Contributions and Lobbying Expenses for Major Corporations. Excellent Resource.
Ctr. For Public Integrity - Database of Corporate Funding of Polticos
They Rule - Database Mapping Connections Between Corporations
International Forum on Globalization - 60 Organizations form 20 Countries.  Scholarly Analysis of Global Economy
Excellent Magazine About Corporate Crime -- Investigative Reporting

Political / Social Activism

Move On -- Premier Interactive Web Site for Easy Social and Political Activism.  Just Click to Fax!
True Majority -- Like Move On, Another Excellent Site for Easy Activism! Click to Fax!
Bill of Rights Defense Committee -- Use It or Lose It!
Military Families Speak Out -- Anti Iraq War Site Created by Families of US Military Serving in Iraq.
Bring Them Home Now -- Another Military Families for Peace Site.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Web Interactivism - Send a Fax, Change the World (so the theory goes...)
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)WebActive - Web Based Political Activism.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Sign a Petition On-Line - Current e-petions from "e the people."
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Global Exchange - Real FAIR trade! Socially responsible international shopping.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Co-op America - Info on So Called Environmentally and Socially Responsible Investing and Consuming.
Responsible Shopper - Know the Worst and the 'Least Worst' Corporations Before You Spend $. 
Social Invest - List of "Good" Banks that Reinvest in Communities.  Where Does Your Bank Invest Your $?
Turn the Tide - Join the Movement to Consume Less and Hope More for a Sustainable Future.
Association for Progressive Commucations - Global Movement for Internet Activism

Also See Environment Section (Below) / Multinational Corps (above)
and CULTURE JAMMING on the Media Links page


Misc. Politics, Health, Culture & Economics

bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Not Milk! - Milk is Bad For You.  Very Bad, according to  Scary Stuff.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Project Vote Smart - Voting Records and Campaign Finance Info for Federal Candidates.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Report Police Brutality - On-Line Service for Reporting and Reading about Police Abuses.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)BURN - Alternative Politics from the BURN Collective at the University of California at San Diego.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Tupac Amaru - Rebel Army in Peru Tells Their Side of the Story. You Decide. (English Translation)
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Global Political Resistance - Links to Political Resistance Movements Around the World. Get Counterpoints Firsthand. Also Anti-Fascist Links. No Sausage Links.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)BGH Information - Info about Bovine Growth Hormone.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Bood - Malaysian rainforests are being turned into plywood. Learn about the Semai people who live there.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Electronic Privacy Info Center - Who's Tracking Ya Now?   Did Yahoo drop you a cookie?
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)One Big Kitchen - Everyone like's food
Hate Watch - Monitors Pathetic Losers and Their Internet Hate Sites.
Human Rights Watch - Reports of Rights Violations from Around the World.  Quite Busy Lately.
Righteous Babe Records - Ani DiFranco's Independent "On Her Own" Buffalo NY Based Record Label.  Who Needs Corporate Art?
The Memory Hole - "Rescuing Knowledge, Freeing Information."  Lest we forget.  

Environment / Science

bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Earth Island Institute - Publishers of Earth Island Journal -- Environmental News & Activism.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)
Independent Science News - Breaking News on GMOs, Fracking, Global Warming etc.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)SeaShepherd - Info About SeaShepherd, the Direct Action Nautical Environmental Movement That's Everything Greenpeace Ain't.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Earth First! - Direct Action Environmental Movement of Anarchist Deep Ecologists (and rednecks).
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Rainforest Action Network - Environmental Activism and Information.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Environmental News Network - Environmental News On-Line.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Lawn Chemical Facts - ChemLawn, Nature's Lawn, Funk Lawn and others callously poison us.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Pesticide Action Network - Carcinogenic Pesticide use in California up 127% since 1991. More pesticide info.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Better Times - Sustainable Living Almanac.

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