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Updated August 2008

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Google Scholarly Search (locate articles here -- retrieve with Infotrac).


How To Search the Web: Choose Simple instructions or Complex (Search Engine Watch). Info and pointers on using popular search engines.


Buffalo State College On-Line Research Databases - Mi Casa es Su Casa. 
Univ. @ Buffalo Libraries On-Line Resources
- A great place to start searching for information sources.
Library of Congress - Online Resources from United States' Biggest Library.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)World Cat - Search Thousands of Library Catalogs Similtaniously (free from most campus based computers)
bullet.gif (1145 bytes) Info Trac - Retrieve Full Text Journal Articles (Buffalo State Faculty and Students Only)
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)NEXIS-LEXIS - Commercial Search News Database Engine (free from most campus based computers). Retrieve Full Text Newspaper and Magazine Articles (limited to mainstream press). Buffalo State Proxy Connection.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes) FOIA Information - How to File an FOIA Request (from GWU), (from First Amendment Ctr).
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)How to Cite the Web - Explains how to cite various on-line info sources ranging from e-mail and newsgroups to web pages and ftp sites.
Find a Job! - Employment Search Tools From BSC.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)WNY Area Jobs-  Job Search Tools Courtesy of Erie Community College.  Also see eWork below!
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Public Interest Jobs - Be part of the solution while earning a living.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes) Job Search Engines - Look for Jobs Using this Launch Pad
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Internet Domain Ownership Search - Find the names and addresses behind the urls.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes) Western New York Regional Information Network
Subscribe to Magazines Online - Subscription Links.  Information is Power.
Many Databases For Researching Corporations and Politicians Are @ Multinational Corp Watch on Picks Page
Databases, Research Links, Jobs, Writing/Style Guides, Law, Ethics.
800 & 888 Toll Free Phone Listings - Call the bastards up on their dime!
Zip Codes - Look Up Zip Codes and "plus 4" codes.
CIA World Factbook - Biased but useful information.
Follow the Money - Database of US Federal Election Contributions. Much free info. More for $2500.  Yow.
Armed Conflict Report - Database of all Wars in the World Today (ploughshares).
Rumor Control - Index of Urban Folklore and Internet Myths.  Check before you Forward. T or F / Snopes or Hoaxbusters
Prelinger Film Archives - Thousands of Downloadable Old Documentaries.  Excellent Propaganda Archive.
Prelinger Web Archives
- A Timecapsule of the World Wide Web.  Snapshots.


Your Right to take Photographs in public places - A pdf format one page outline of your rights.
Freedom of the Press - From the First Amendment Center.
Freedom of Speech - From the First Amendment Center
Academic Freedom - From Illinios State Univ. Ph.D. Candidate John Wilsom

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