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Rainbow Family of Living Light Ethnography
People of the Rainbow:
A Nomadic Utopia
2nd Edition

by Michael I. Niman

2011 University of Tennessee Press
ISBN: 1-57233-746-X / Library Catalog HX806.N555 1997

Contains a New Introduction, Two Extensive New Chapters
and an expanded Glossary.


Description of 2nd Edition (From Publisher)

Since 1972 the Rainbow Family of Living Light, a loosely organized and anarchistic nomadic community, has been holding large gatherings in remote forests to pray for world peace and create a model of a functioning utopian society. Michael I. Niman’s People of the Rainbow, originally published in 1997, was the first comprehensive study of this countercultural group and its eclectic philosophy of environmentalism, feminism, peace activism, group sharing, libertarianism, and consensus government. It is a book yet to be superseded.

This second edition of Niman’s compelling and insightful work brings the Rainbow story up to date with a new introduction and two extensive new epilogues. While the big annual Rainbow “Gatherings” have drawn fewer numbers in recent years, Niman notes, the Rainbow ethos has in many ways migrated to the mainstream, as Rainbow notions about alternative medicine and environmental sustainability, for example, have gathered wider acceptance and influenced the national dialogue. Meanwhile, Rainbow movements in other regions, from Eastern Europe and the Middle East to Asia and Australia, are thriving.

In addition to addressing changes within the Rainbow Family and its complex relationship to “Babylon” (what Rainbows call mainstream culture), the book’s new material explores the growing harassment Rainbows now face from U.S. law enforcement agencies— especially those associated with the National Forest Service. As Niman contends, this particular saga of a U.S. bureaucracy at war with its own citizens is a subplot in the larger—and disturbing—story of how the relationship between Americans and their government has changed during the first decade of the twenty-first century.

In its nuanced portrait of an intriguing subculture, its successes, and its limitations, People of the Rainbow remains a significant contribution to the study of utopian communities
in the United States and their ongoing legacy.


This books fits into the disciplines of American Studies; Sociology; Nonviolence; Native American Studies; Journalism; Ethnography; Anthropology; Cultural Studies; Anarchism and Religious Studies.


Niman's work is well documented and accurate, and offers a reading which stimulates deep reflection. The appendix, bibliography, ample glossary, original material of the Rainbow Family and photos are very useful. The book could be very interesting for ethnographers in primis, historians, and also (why not?) politicians. The book deserves more than a single reading due to the wealth of its content.

Giovanna Serenelli, Perugia University.

"Michael Niman has drawn on a wide range of documents and many years of participant observation to give us the fullest, most balanced picture of the Rainbows ever published. His book is an outstanding work of American social history."

-- Timothy Miller, University of Kansas.

"In this book, Michael Niman skillfully leads us through the alternate universe of the Rainbow Family, a group of millenarian anarchists whose moveable feast takes the form of large annual gatherings in remote forests across the nation -- events that have alarmed and then baffled law-enforcement officials and observers from the media . . . . A riveting case study in postmodern American utopianism, People of the Rainbow will be compelling reading for anyone interested in popular spirituality, social movements, and contemporary American culture."

-- Michael F. Brown, Williams College

"...Michael Niman examines what it is that holds [the Rainbows] together--drumming and sharing, hewing wood and drawing water, trying to deal peacefully with the drunks of `A-Camp' and belligerent Babylonian authorities, and building state of the art shitters to protect the assembled brothers and sisters from outbreaks of mass diarrhea. Niman tells it with love and perceptiveness; his exegesis on homemade technology makes a serious point about ecology and self-sufficiency. He rightly raps the Rainbows who rip off American Indian rituals, but makes it clear that the Gatherings are not an ossified `60s relic, but an attempt to create a different way of life in the real world--even if only for a week."

--Steven Wishnia, High Times

"...After 200 pages, Niman comes to the same conclusion I did almost the moment I arrived at my first Gathering. But his is backed up by an impressive amount of social science. Much of the final chapter focuses on a detailed analysis of the variables that caused past utopias to succeed or fail, including a detailed comparison with The Farm. With or without spiritual "vision" or a respectable foundation in Native mythology, he seems to conclude, the Family is here to stay.

...All in all, People of the Rainbow is a Herculean attempt at a Quixotic task. His freedom of Information Act research alone is worth the price of the book. In spite of its flaws--and its polish--Mike Niman's detailed examination and clear assessment of the Family is a contribution that would make any Rainbow Warrior proud."

Stephen Wing, Ho!, All Ways Free

"...The book rambles like a typical day at a gathering, wandering through history, the group's "policies" of decision-making by consensus, attitudes toward violence, crime, Native Americans, land, and the US government. The author knows utopian history and consistently hits the mark in placing the Family in the context of utopian thought. Whether readers agree with his evaluation of the meaning of the Rainbow Nation is almost irrelevant. The group is a living extension of a subculture that reigned when ideas were simpler and more positive; Niman's book suits it well. A set of scruffy, delightful appendixes enriches the understanding of Rainbow lifestyle even more."

E. J. Green, Choice

"...Niman was a most conscientious and sensitive fieldworker, obtaining much information from individuals with whom many researchers would have found it impossible to establish rapport. It is evident that he has a good background in the literature of utopian communitarian societies, both descriptive and theoretical.

This reviewer found the book to be well documented and very interesting. The Rainbow Family 'comes to life' from the very first page. The account is at once sympathetic and yet objective. There are, in this writer's opinion, too few descriptions of past and present communitarian societies by professionals. To this small library, Niman's work is a valuable addition."

Christina M. Lemieux, Nova Religio

Books Citing People of the Rainbow

People of the Rainbow; A Nomadic Utopia, is dedicated
to the memory of Evelyn and Hank Niman

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First Edition (out of print)

Rainbow Family of Living Light Ethnography
People of the Rainbow:
A Nomadic Utopia

by Michael I. Niman

photos by GabeKirchheimer and Joseph Levy

©1997, 1999, 2003 University of Tennessee Press
ISBN 0-87049-989-0 / Library Catalog HX806.N555 1997

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People of the Rainbow is printed on archival quality low-acid recycled paper with a minimum life expectancy of 300 years. It contains 25 photos, a comprehensive index and a glossary.

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