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Too Much Television!

bullet.gif (1145 bytes)TV Turnoff Network - Imagine A TV Free Nation! Act on Your Fantasy.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Society for the Eradication of TV - Living w/o TV
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)"Whitedot" Campaign to Rid England of the Tellie
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)KILL Your TELEVISION - Ron Kaufman's anti-TV pages - contains network ownership info and recent Nielsen Ratings. Different from above site with similar name.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes) TV and Childrens Minds - Article Written by a Pediatrician
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Center for Research on the Effects of TV - Cornell University and Ithaca College Collaborative Effort
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)COOL Pages To SURF - For TV Addicts Only. If ya love TV.....
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)TV-B-Gone - Buy a Universal Keychain Remote to Turn off Public Space TVs!
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Commercial Alert's TV Page - Links to Articles About Dangers of TV & TV Addication
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)SEARCH da Web - for info on TV addiction

Culture Jamming

bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Billboard Liberation Front - Monkeywrenching the Cultural Environment with Spraypaint.
The Yes Men - Imposters, really. Radically Lampooning Corporate Globalizers into Lethal Embarrassment.
Not The World Bank - A Yes Men Project Often Mistaken for the World Bank Site.
Dow Ethics - Yeah, Right. Dow has an Ethics Site.
Illegal Art - Copyrighting Popular Culture Criminalizes Artistic Expression.  Outlaw Artists.
The Church of Stop Shopping - Reverend Billy and the Anti-Consumption Choir.
Tag SUVs! - Tagging resource cite is now gone, but here's an academic study of the project.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Negativland - Punk Advertising Deconstruction-Reconstructionism. Might shrink your browser.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Badvertising - Tobacco Advertising is Evil.  Learn More.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)RTmark - Read about the Barbi Liberation League and other cultural resistance movements!
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Tom Tomorrow's Comics - Comical Media Analysis (strongly recommended).
Space HiJackers - "Anarchitects" working to liberate corporate space and cultural intrusions. 
Freeway Blogger -- Guerilla Art Takes to the Highways.
Banksy - Long live Banksy. The Globe's #1 Guerilla Artist.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)ADBUSTERS - For-Profit Anti-Union Anti-Consumerist Anti-Imperialist Canadian Con$ervative Conundrum. "The Cult of Kalle." Interesting tidbits from their glossy magazine.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)SEARCH the Web - for Culture Jamming Info

Media Criticism

bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting (F.A.I.R.) - Media Watchdog Group (strongly recommended).
bullet.gif (1145 bytes) Media Matters - "Dedicated to comprehensively monitoring, analyzing, and correcting conservative misinformation in the U.S. media."
TV News Lies - Critical Content Analysis of US TV News Spin
CNN Exposed - Daily Critique of CNN's Neo-Con Corporate Bias
News Hounds - "We Watch FOX So You Don't Have to." Sounds fair enough.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)The Daily Howler - Funny Guy Bob Somerby's US National Media Criticism Site.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Gay & Lesbian Media Watchdog (GLAAD)- Monitors Homophobia in News and Entertainment.
The Commercial Closet - Examining Depictions of Gay, Lesbian and Transgendered Images in Ads.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)American Newspeak - Highlights Orwellian Thought in the Media.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Columbia Journalism Review - Mainstream Source of Hard Hitting Media Criticism 
bullet.gif (1145 bytes) Center for Media and Public Affairs - George Mason University "Scientists" Ply Their Trade.
Rocky Mountain Media Watch - Local Media Criticism & Activism Gone National
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)CURSOR - Minnesota Based Media Watch - Local and International
Gender/Race/Ethnicity in Media Links - From the Univ. of Iowa - A Canadian postpostmodernist twist on the mediastudy theme. No relation to we.

Also See Journalism Resources below.

Media Activism Organizations

bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Free Press - "Reform Media, Transform Democracy." Launced by Bob McChesney, John Nichols and Josh Silver.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Media Education Foundation - Producers of Dreamworlds II, Pack of Lies, Still Killing Us Softly, etc.
Action Coalition for Media Education - A.C.M.E.- Media Literacy Combined With Activism. Usual Suspects.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility - Monitoring Techno-Abuse of Civil Rights..
Minority Media Telecom Council - Fights for Diversity on the Public Airwaves.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)People for the American Way - Public Interest Advocacy Group.  Goreheads. Pop-up warning.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Center for Democracy & Technology - Trying to Preserve Democracy in a Brave New World
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Union for Democratic Communication - International Academic Association Challenging Corporate and Government Media Domination. On-Line Newsletter. Good People.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Media Alliance - " Promotes diverse, accountable & ethical media"
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Jesuit Communication Project - Face it, Consumerist Culture is Spiritually Bankrupt.
Media Watch - Challenges Abusive Stereotypes with a Focus on Gender.
Coalition for Noncommercial Media - Dorment Buffalo NY Based Group Fighting Privitazation of Public TV
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)IGC - Institute for Global Communications
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Citizens for Independent Public Broadcasting - "Reclaiming Public Broadcasting for the Public Interest"
Alliance For Community Media - Promotes Public Access and Media Literacy
Assn of Ind. Video and Filmmakers - Offers Support & Resources for Media Artists.
Media Access Project - Public Interest Lawyers Fight to Make Broadcast Media Responsive to Public Interest.
Listen-Up! Supporting INdepedent Youth-Made Media.

For More Info on Political Advocacy Organizations see bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Mike's Picks Page. 

Also see Journalism Resources, Media Literacy, Censorship, Propaganda and other sections on this page for topic specific media organizations.

Journalism Resources

bullet.gif (1145 bytes)American Journalism Review - Links to 9,000 media organizations. On-line articles.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Investigative Reporters and Editors - Searchable resources for investigative journalists.
Reporters Committee For Freedom of the Press - Fighting to Protect and Restore Press Freedom
Reporters Without Borders - International Monitor of Abuses Against Journalists
RCFP Report on Post 9-11 Info Access - What We've Lost and What it Means (written in 2005)
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Society of Professional Journalists - Organization for Working (and aspiring) Journalists.
Society of Environmental Journalists - Resources for the Few Journalists Left Covering the Environmental Beat.
Journalist's Tool Kit - Research, Databases, Style Guides, Law, Ethics, Jobs.
Independent Media Institute - Formally the Inst. for Alternative Journalism. Runs Alternet.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Committee to Protect Journalists - International Lobby for Human Rights for Journalists. 
Center for Investigative Reporting - Produces Investigative Reports.  Conducts Workshops.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Canadian Journalists For Free Expression - Working to Protect Free Speech Globally.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Project for Excellence in Journalism - Journalists trying to Raise Standards.  Columbia U.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Society of Professional Journalists - Protect Journalists and Improve Journalism..
St. Louis Journalism Review - Good Academic Criticism
Newspaper Assoc. of America Links - Links to News Organizations On-Line
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Editor and Publisher Magazine - These People Sell Ad Space On Their Cover. Their Website, However, Has Useful Links and Info. .
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Poynter Online - Searchable Resources from Poynter Institute. Interesting Studies. Status Quo Journalism Training.
Follow the Money - Center for Responsive Politics Databases on Money and Elections
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Polling and Research Organizations -- Mainstream non-academic (from Buff State Com Dept.)
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Freedom of Information Center - Advocates for FOIA. Recources to Help Journalists Obtain Govmt. Info.

Also see's Research Links page! RESEARCH

PR / Propaganda Studies

bullet.gif (1145 bytes)The Institute for Propaganda Analysis - Propaganda Theory and Practice.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)PR (Public Relations) Watch - A Critical Watchdog of the PR Industry.
Disinfopedia - "Total Disinformation Awareness" Open Source Collaborative Encyclopedia of Propaganda
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)PRSA Code of Ethics - From the Public Relations Society of America. Weak and Ignored Industry-Authored Guidelines.
PR Firms - Links to the Largest Global Public Relations Companies.
Taking Advantage -- Book Text by Richard Taflinger examining subconscious info processing in Advertising (Propaganda).
Codes of Ethics - From Major Media Organizations. Usually Weak and Ignored Industry-Authored Guidelines.
"Why Americans Will Believe Almost Anything" - Essay on "how the whole set-up got started."

Also See GENERAL Above

Media Ownership - Corporate Info.

bullet.gif (1145 bytes)CJR's Who Owns What - From Columbia Journalism Review.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Corporation Watch - Monitoring the Power Behind the Power.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Frontline - Media Giants - Frontline's (PBS) Guide to the Corporate Media Giants.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Who Owns the Networks? - A guide to the big boys by Ron Kaufman.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Foundation Influences - Info About Political Foundations, Think Tanks, and Who Funds Them.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Media Info Center - Searchable Media Business News from Northwestern University.

For More Info On Corporate America See bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Mike's Picks Page.

Media Literacy

General Principles of Media Literacy - by Patricia Aufderheide and California Newsreel.
The Center for Media Literacy - Workshops, Teacher Training and Classroom Resources.
Citizens for Media Literacy - Aides Activists & Journalists.  Produces Media Criticism. 
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Media Education Foundation - Clearinghouse for Media Lit. Materials..
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Assoication for Media Literacy - Claims to be the Most Influencial Media Education Organization. Not Modest.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Action Coalition for Media Education - ACME. Ties Media Education to Activism.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Know The News - What is News? Media Literacy Tools for Classroom Use from Link TV.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Media Literacy Clearinghouse - Resources for k-12 teachers.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Media Awareness (Canada) - Media Literacy Tools for Parents, Teachers & other Troublemakers.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Just Think - Media Literacy Resources for Kids.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)New Mexico Media Literacy Project - Resources for Educators.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Media Literacy Toolbox - From NM Meia Lit Project
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)SEARCH the Web - For Up to Date Media Literacy Resources

Censorship Issues

bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Index on Censorship - A Comprehensive List of Incidences of Censorship.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Project Censored - Top 25 censored stories - annual. (Recommended)
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press - Provides Legal Assistance to Journalists.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Committee to Protect Journalists - Protects Press Freedom Globally
Secrecy News - Federation of American Scientists Project on Govmt. Secrecy Monthly Report
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Electronic Frontier Foundation Free Speech Alerts - Activism Alerts From The Wild Webheads
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)National Coalition Against Censorship - Hush Now
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Blue Ribbon Campaign - Act To Oppose Web Censorship. Now!
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)First Amendment Center - On a Short Lease. First Amendment Education Resources etc.
Center for Cognitive Liberty - Exposes Diverse Manifestations of Censorship.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Article 19 - Global Campaign for Free Expression.  Censorship News.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Banned Books On-Line - See Them and Read Them Here.
Banned Books -- List from American Library Association 
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)American Civil Liberties Censorship Site - News of ongoing court cases. Try to support the ACLU Before you need them!
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Center for Democracy and Technology - Exploring the future of Democracy in a Wired World
bullet.gif (1145 bytes) Center for Digital Democracy - Preserving Free Speech online.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)SEARCH the Web - For Up to Date Resources on Censorship


bullet.gif (1145 bytes)National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association - Organization of Professional Journalists Promoting Accuracy
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)National Association for Multi-Ethnicity in Communications - U.S. Based Group Promotes a Media that Reflects America
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)National Association of Black Journalists - U.S. Based Group Represents African-American Journalists
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)National Association of Hispanic Journalists - Represents Hispanic-American Journalists.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Native-American Journalists Association - Represents Native North American Journalists
bullet.gif (1145 bytes) Seeing Through Sexist Ads - From the Center for Media Literacy.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes) Rape Stats and Info - From the Rape Abuse and Incest National Network
bullet.gif (1145 bytes) Deconstructing Rightness of Whiteness in TV - Research Report. 100 pages pdf.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes) NewsWatch - San Francisco State University project to monitor and analyize images of under and misrepresented groups
Media Diversity Data, Links and Organizations - From Buffalo State Communication Department

International Media Resources/Directories

bullet.gif (1145 bytes)See "Mike's Picks" Page.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes) WW4Report International Alt Media Index - Bill Weinberg's Links. (Recommended)
bullet.gif (1145 bytes) Print News Directory - From Broken Down by Country, State, Type, Frequency of Publication.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes) Mondo Times - Country by Country Media Directory
Web TV International Directory - "Comfm" Streamed TV Stations Sorted By Region & Country.
Web Radio International Directory - "Comfm" Streamed Radio Stations Sorted By Region & Country. Best.
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Web Radio International Directory - "Webradio" On Line Stations Sorted by Country. Above link is more up to date.

Alternative Media

For a Comprehensive List of Validated Alternative Newspapers, Magazines, Radio Stations & News Services, Please See bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Validated Alternative Media Page


bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Commercial Alert - Keeping Commercial Culture at Bay
bullet.gif (1145 bytes)Brand Hype - Database of Product Placement in the Movies
Ad Critic - Interactive blog commenting on TV ads. Ads streamed online.
The Language of Advertising - Linguistic Analysis Site From Stanford University


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"Who can protest and does not, is an accomplice in the act"
-   The Talmud (Sabbath, 54 b.)

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