2004 - THE UNDER-REPORTED STORIES: MICHAEL NIMAN A recipient of Project Censored award (2003), Prof. Niman outlines some of last year’s top ignored stories, including global warming, media self-censorship, our “endemically corrupt government, at every level,” the ‘Lackawanna 6’ and the assassination of Kamal Derwish, the theft of the 2004 election (Ohio & elsewhere), transcending the left-right paradigm via Constitutionalism, the use of fear (fear of ‘conspiracy,’ e.g.), to prevent critical thinking; manufacturing terrorism, nuclear proliferation and the devastation of Fallujah, and Iraq.
(Niman, a columnist for ArtVoice, teaches journalism at Buffalo State College). Part 1 of 2. related article: Falluja City of Ghosts - Truthout.org
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Prof. Niman continues an impromptu survey which touches on some the top stories and concerns of last year (and this), including Alberto Gonzales, “peak oil,” the debt crisis, alternative media and orchestrated capitulation by the Democratic Party: “I’ve seen nothing in the last generation from Democrats but their willing ability to roll over and play dead.  A week after the election at the dedication of Bill Clinton’s library…Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter [were] reaching out and praising George Bush Junior and Senior. And of course, the Bushes were praising Clinton and Carter and they were all talking about the need to come together harmoniously as one nation. And, you know, this is what the Democrats have always done. This is not the time for harmony and acquiescence to a draconian, anti-American agenda that threatens to undermine our nation’s very ability to survive… This is a time for the nation to be divided, and to be loudly divided…” Part 2 of 2. www.mediastudy.com 
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